Monday, April 20, 2009

RETROSPECTIVE: Ali Milner - "Crystal Clear"

(Screen grab of Ali Milner's "Crystal Clear" music video, directed by Kyle Sandilands. © 2009 Benjamin Luk and Kyle Sandilands.)

Prior to becoming a photographer, I studied Motion Picture Production at Cap College back when it was still known as Cap College. Though I graduated from the Diploma program in 2007, my film school contacts still keep in touch and occasionally call me up to work on projects with them. Last summer, in May 2008, I got a call to come out and shoot some stills for an up-and-coming pop/jazz musician's music video: Ali Milner's "Crystal Clear". This is the final product.

Ali Milner - Crystal Clear from Kyle Sandilands on Vimeo.

Watch for my work from 1:55 - 2:02, 2:18 - 2:24 and 2:56 - 2:58. The rest is scattered, but I'm most proud of those three sequences.

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