Saturday, February 19, 2011

PERSPECTIVE: Kris & Ellen's Wedding

(Ellen and Kris, photographed at Swan-e-set Bay Resort and Country Club, Pitt Meadows. © 2011 Benjamin Luk.)

I first met Ellen and Kris in a coffee shop in New Westminster some months ago. Though they were very casual in demeanour, it became immediately apparent they knew exactly what they wanted and would settle for nothing less. I took that as a challenge. I knew my team and I would be ready to rise to the task.

(Ellen admiring her dress while her sister looks on in the background. © 2011 Benjamin Luk.)

On a brisk weekend morning in January, my teammates Patrick Leung and Winona Lee piled up our cars with the gear we needed for our shoot. We had five camera bodies, an extensive selection of zooms and primes, a number of Speedlites and a Profoto AcuteB 600 on site. Even though we had three locations to cover, two of them during the same time, our preparation beforehand ensured perfect photojournalistic coverage.

(Our signature Reservoir Dogs homage with Kris and his groomsmen. © 2011 Winona Lee, Benjamin Luk Photography.)

We captured the ceremony from a variety of angles, delivering the standard close-ups and wide shots, but we also got great coverage of the moments a less trained photographer may have missed: reaction shots of the parents, the tears and laughter that only happen once, etc. Over the many weddings we've shot over the past three years, we've managed to hone our craft to become some of the best in the business.

(Ellen and Kris' first kiss as husband and wife. © 2011 Benjamin Luk.)

From 2,300+ captures, post-production assistant Tyler Branston brought it down to 528 selected images for delivery. However, because we feel we can stand behind our work, we're also sending them all their other shots at no additional charge. We've also included a small video portion in our delivery for the very first time. The disc is currently en route to Ellen and Kris in Denwood, AB.

(We had a lot of fun the moment we found the bar at Swan-e-set. © 2011 Benjamin Luk.)

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