Monday, August 24, 2009

PERSPECTIVE: Andrea & Daniel's Wedding

(Andrea and Daniel O'Connell, photographed at VanDusen Gardens in July 2009. © 2009 Benjamin Luk.)

Easily one of the most fun couples I've had the pleasure of shooting, Andrea and Daniel brought me to VanDusen Botanical Gardens in early July to photograph their wedding. With perfectly overcast weather overhead, we were able to create both extremely evocative images and also some really fun ones. For our half-day shoot, my assistant and I documented the ceremony and reception in 240 beautiful high-resolution images from three cameras. If you're interested in the wedding services we're able to provide, please don't hesitate to call us at (604) 649-5635 to set up a free private appointment. Sample images and slideshows will be made available for viewing.

(Daniel and his groomsmen, in typical Scottish civility. © 2009 Benjamin Luk.)

Special thanks to Twitter user @wacqueline for her referral. Benjamin Luk Photography strives to stay ahead of the social networking curve and it's nice to see it paying off. Please follow us at @benjaminluk for a more personalized photography experience and look for us online at

We still have dates available in September and November, and we look forward to working with you real soon.

(Andrea and Daniel, cutting the cake. © 2009 Benjamin Luk.)

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

PERSPECTIVE: Vans Warped Tour '09

(Mike Hranica of The Devil Wears Prada performing on the Main Stage at Vans Warped Tour '09. © 2009 Benjamin Luk.)

Well before I even considered a career in fashion photography, my first experiences with a proper camera all involved photographing live music. Starting by shooting local bands at a small karaoke bar called Hoko's, I created shortly thereafter, an indie music blog dedicated to documenting music performances in and around Vancouver. From there, the blog took off and it was through that we were able to acquire media passes to cover Vans Warped Tour '09.

(Dallas Green of Alexisonfire at Vans Warped Tour '09. © 2009 Benjamin Luk.)

To see more photos and a particularly foul-mouthed review, follow the link - LIVE WIRE: Warping the minds of today's youth. (

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

PERSPECTIVE: 13th World Conference on Lung Cancer (w/ Jon Benjamin Photography)

(Dr. Everett E. Vokes lectures on bleeding edge treatment therapy for non-small cell lung cancer patients. © 2009 Benjamin Luk / IASLC.)

For those of you who follow me, many of you may have noticed my disappearance from Canada in the first week of August. Teaming up with Jon Benjamin Photography, I took off down to San Francisco to help photograph the 13th World Conference on Lung Cancer at The Moscone Center downtown. Working for a total of six days, I ended up delivering 2,025 images, or roughly 29 GB.

(Conference attendees at the 13th World Conference on Lung Cancer. © 2009 Benjamin Luk / IASLC.)

Many of the photographs Jon and I took ended up in the daily conference newsletter. These can be viewed at the following links:

1 Aug - WCLC Daily Newsletter Saturday (PDF)
2 Aug - WCLC Daily Newsletter Sunday (PDF)
3 Aug - WCLC Daily Newsletter Monday (PDF)
4 Aug - WCLC Daily Newsletter Tuesday (PDF)

With over 6,000 attendees at WCLC '09, this was the largest conference to date I'd had the privilege of photographing.

(Dr. Frances A. Shepherd presenting during Sunday morning's plenary session. © 2009 Benjamin Luk / IASLC.)

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