Monday, March 12, 2012

PERSPECTIVE: Vasia Weddings' Workshop

(A bouquet by Flower Factory. © 2012 Benjamin Luk.)

Vasia was one of my former classmates back in my Focal Point days in 2008. Since then, she's taken off to become one of the most respected wedding photographers in Vancouver, and for good reason. She's beautiful, charming, and has great talent and business sense like few other. It was a privilege to sit in on her first workshop where she demystified the wedding photography industry for us, gave us tips on how to become better at what we do, and organized a workshop for us in the form of a stylized shoot.

(My shot from our posing exercise. © 2012 Benjamin Luk.)

Through a shooting exercise where we were given no more than a few minutes to capture detail shots and arrange our models in a posing challenge, we all picked up valuable shooting experience and business knowledge from the three-hour workshop. A complete list of vendors and participants who contributed in the event can be seen here. Huge thanks to Vasia Weddings and everyone else involved. I'll be putting what I learned to good use.

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