Friday, April 10, 2009

PERSPECTIVE: "Play On" CD Photoshoot

(Graeme Emmott, photographed at Iona Beach Regional Park. © 2009 Benjamin Luk.)

Last Monday, the day after shooting the yet-to-be-uploaded JCI BYOB Photoshoot #4, Benjamin Luk Photography worked with local folk rock musician Graeme Emmott to create the artwork for his fourth studio album Play On. Using our favourite spring shooting location, Iona Beach Regional Park, we shot for two hours, came back with 150 frames, edited it down to 30 selects for delivery, then edited that down even further to the 10 key shots you see here in our slideshow. Click on any of Graeme's pictures to view it!

(Graeme Emmott. © 2009 Benjamin Luk.)

Employing a Clarity and Contrast Boost effect that legendary photographer Dave Hill pioneered, we were able to achieve a more dimensional image than one that was processed through more conventional means. If you're a photographer yourself and a Lightroom user, just ask me in an @Reply through Twitter and I'd be more than happy to tell you the BLP formula. If, in turn, you happen to be overcome by gratitude, feel free to Donate to our blog fund via the PayPal link on your right. We're rather fond of money.

(Graeme Emmott. © 2009 Benjamin Luk.)

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