Friday, September 9, 2011

PERSPECTIVE: Janell & Aniket's Wedding

(Janell and Aniket, photographed at Eagles Estate in Burnaby, BC. © 2011 Benjamin Luk.)

One of the many reasons I love what I do is that I get to meet interesting and lovable people all the time. Janell and Aniket are prime examples of that. As animators based in France, I knew their artistic eye would be tough to please, but I was ready to rise to the challenge. I first met the couple over breakfast with Janell's family and it was immediately obvious that there were real connections between them. Their family was so tight-knit and so caring that sitting elbow-to-elbow with them and asking them to pass the potatoes felt natural. I struggle to recall another time when I felt so welcomed.

(Janell cozying up to Aniket at Burnaby Art Gallery. © 2011 Benjamin Luk.)

Because Janell and Aniket were in France leading up to the wedding, most of the planning I did was with Janell's mom, Amandah. In an extensive preproduction phase, we worked out schedules, shot lists, locations, etc. Armed with all the information I needed, this turned into one of the few weddings I've shot that actually ran on time. It's for exactly this reason we now request an information package from our wedding clients to keep as on schedule as possible.

(The wedding party channelling their inner rocker. © 2011 Benjamin Luk.)

Janell and Aniket were one of my favourite couples to shoot in 2011. Affectionate, playful and goofy, we were able to capture something really special of both their personalities. And unlike most relationships where one person clearly wears the pants, Janell and Aniket came across as real equals, friends before lovers. There is no doubt in my mind they'll be happy together for a very long time. I wish them the best for a bright and hopeful future. Besides, I may need a couch to crash on if I ever wind up in France again.

(Janell and Aniket taking their first steps together as husband and wife. © 2011 Jonathan Evans, Benjamin Luk Photography.)

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