Monday, August 1, 2011

PERSPECTIVE: Lauren Mulcahy, Intern

(New intern, Lauren Mulcahy. © 2011 Benjamin Luk.)

In the past few months of our wildest wedding season yet, there have been people working behind the scenes to make sure everything at Benjamin Luk Photography runs smoothly. One of those people is our latest intern, Lauren Mulcahy. In addition to putting up with my requests for personal chauffeuring, she's also been involved in promotional work, equipment testing, post-production and photo assisting. In return, I'm helping her along to become a successful professional photographer on her own terms. If you've hired us recently, know that Lauren has been integral in making sure you receive the best product we can provide.

Check Lauren out at her website here and follow her on Twitter at @PandaAteMyFace.

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