Friday, February 19, 2010

PERSPECTIVE: Surrey 2010 Celebration Site

(The Surrey 2010 Celebration Site offers a family-friendly environment for Surrey residents to enjoy the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games. © 2010 Benjamin Luk.)

With the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games in town, there are plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy the city. Municipalities as far out as Richmond and Surrey are getting in on the action by putting on free cultural events and concerts all through the month of February. In this case, the Surrey 2010 Celebration Site offers an alternative to those wanting to avoid the chaos of downtown Vancouver without missing out on the fun entirely.

(Spectators watching the Vancouver 2010 Opening Ceremonies on a giant screen at the Surrey 2010 Celebration Site. © 2010 Benjamin Luk.)

I was hired to photograph two days of what the Surrey 2010 Celebration Site had to offer and came back with over 2,000 images that I had to narrow down to about 200. For those who might think 2,000 images is overkill, you're probably right, but there was an event going on every half hour and every single one demanded full coverage. Even though the weather both days was punctuated by sporadic showers and gusts of wind, you'd never know it from looking at the photos. Rain gear and preparation go a long way.

(Kytami of Delhi 2 Dublin fiddling up a storm. © 2010 Benjamin Luk.)

The free concerts are very much worth mentioning, by the way. I mean, check out this lineup! I may be back just to shoot some of these bands for! Also, don't forget to click on these images for a high resolution view. Special thanks to Jon Benjamin Photography for notifying me about this gig, and Shannon Mackay for being my assistant and second shooter.

(Blue Rodeo performing on the Celebration Stage. © 2010 Benjamin Luk.)

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