Tuesday, December 15, 2009

PERSPECTIVE: Train the Trainer '09

(Innovative Fitness trainers Scott McRae and Thomas Wan getting put through their paces at Train the Trainer '09. © 2009 Benjamin Luk.)

Every year, Innovative Fitness gives back to their community by holding an event called Train the Trainer. Personal trainers invite their clients and the public in to pledge money to a charity in exchange for five-minute blocks in which they can make their trainers do whatever they want, whether it be dancing an Irish jig, climbing a fire truck ladder in full firefighter regalia, or having meat strapped to them so dogs can chase them around a parking lot. The photos here are a bit on the tame side but if you want to see the extent of the chaos, try checking out the Innovative Fitness Facebook page. My photos should be up there shortly.

(Martie, another Innovative Fitness trainer, feeling the burn. © 2009 Benjamin Luk.)

Innovative Fitness in White Rock raised $16,000 for Canuck Place Children's Hospice and the White Rock South Surrey Community Foundation last Friday. More importantly, I got to see $20 of Sarah Thomas' money go towards watching a guy do inappropriate things to a punching bag. Hey, it's all about priorities. Besides, it couldn't have gone towards a better cause.

White Rock's Peace Arch News should be running a story on Train the Trainer '09 later this week with accompanying photos. White Rock residents, keep your eyes peeled.

(Emcee Matt taking IF trainer Josh McCaig for a ride. © 2009 Benjamin Luk.)

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