Wednesday, October 21, 2009

INTROSPECTIVE: Hong Kong 2008 on Kodachrome 64

(The city's red taxis are ever-present in the streets of Hong Kong. © 2008 Benjamin Luk.)

Four days ago, I returned from yet another three-week trip to China. The main purpose of my visit was to see family, but never being one to pass on a photo op, I brought along my Canon EOS 500N and a few rolls of my favourite film, Kodachrome 64. For those of you who know that Kodachrome is seeing its final days, you'd understand my hurry to shoot as much as humanly possible before they pull the plug for good at the end of 2010. The Kodachrome I shot just last month is currently on its way to Kansas for processing, but here's a look at the Kodachrome I shot when I was in China in 2008.

(Hong Kong has a unique urban geometry all its own. © 2008 Benjamin Luk.)

Hong Kong's known for many aspects of its urban environment, but what attracted me most about the city was its dense geometry and complex signage. Residential neighbourhoods overlap commercial hotspots, ads dominate the skyline and the city seems so cluttered, you find yourself wondering how 7,000,000 people could possibly call it home. And yet, there's a strange peace to how Hong Kong operates, as though being around so many people day after day demands a certain calmness or patience. This was what I tried to capture. Click the link or any image in this post to see a short slideshow of what I've uploaded so far from Hong Kong, 2008.

(The line between residential and commercial districts is blurred in Hong Kong. © 2008 Benjamin Luk.)

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