Friday, July 10, 2009

PERSPECTIVE: Lucia's Photoshoot

(Selected headshot of Lucia Lorenzi, photographed in the AQ Gardens at Simon Fraser University. © 2009 Benjamin Luk.)

On Canada Day, while most Canadians were still soundly sleeping off the effects of a wild party the night before, Benjamin Luk Photography was up and at 'em in the AQ Gardens at Simon Fraser University. Despite working on an event shoot the night before that went until 3 AM, we were ready to go to camera again by 10 to produce a series of headshots and portraits for Ms. Lucia Lorenzi. Click the image above to view a high-resolution version of her photo.

Special thanks to Ben Geldreich for coming out and lending a helping hand. (I hope you took away something worthwhile and I look forward to working with you again!)

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