Monday, April 26, 2010

PERSPECTIVE: BLP Emotions Creative

(Siri of JK Models, with styling by Katie Mogan. © 2010 Benjamin Luk.)

Between clients, us here at Benjamin Luk Photography like to play, and our idea of fun is getting back out into the field and shooting some more. Late last March, stylist Katie Mogan and I teamed up for our first creative together, along with hairstylist Sarah Alicia Thomas and makeup artist Stacey Lynn Mitchell. The idea was to create a project revolving around emotions, possibly in a diptych format; two photos side by side representing the same emotion, two more representing a different emotion, etc.

These were some of the results. Be sure to click on each image to see it in a higher resolution, and try to take a stab at what emotions we were trying to express.

(Siri, photographed at Iona Beach. © 2010 Benjamin Luk.)

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